City Cycle

City Cycle is a bicycle shop that offers premium bicycles, parts, and maintenance. I made two TV commercials highlighting their brands and service. I took time to meet with the clients before the shooting to plan and budget. I created storyboards and used them to plan the shooting and editing.  Each commercial was two daysContinue reading “City Cycle”

Hanafuda Nā Pua Hawaiʻi

Hanafuda Nā Pua Hawaiʻi is the third product I developed for Hanafuda Hawaii. It replaces the traditional Japanese plants and animals on the hanafuda cards with native Hawaiian flora and fauna. The name Hanafuda Nā Pua Hawaiʻi is a hybrid of Japanese and Hawaiian, which translates to “the Flowers of Hawaiʻi Flower Cards.” The purposeContinue reading “Hanafuda Nā Pua Hawaiʻi”