Hanafuda Hawaii XL

Hanafuda Hawaii XL

Hanafuda Hawaii Style Extra Large (XL) version was created in response to customers’ requests for a larger version of the Hanafuda Hawaii Style cards. The original hanafuda cards, are 1½ × 2¼ inches. I redrew the XL cards to be more colorful and detailed. The XL version of the cards evolved after seven different draft versions.

Hanafuda XL card comparison

The instructions for the XL version are included on additional cards instead of in a separate booklet. I felt comfortable consolidating the instructions to the bare minimum, because extensive information and instructions are also made available on the internet.

The XL versionʻs packaging is more compact and portable, and the cards are more durable than the box sets. Production and selling costs were reduced in this version. The original box set was eventually discontinued because the demand for XL sets was greater.